The Revolution SOLO

Double Bass Pickup




Please follow these instructions during the installation of your pickup,  failure to do may result in damage and void your warranty.

1.  Remove the G string completely from the bass, remove felt washer if present.

2.  Thread the string through the jack clip as shown below, thread
felt washer and included washer back onto string.

3.  Install the G String back on the bass, adjust the Jack Clip so
that it is facing toward the outside of the tailpiece as shown below. DO NOT
tighten the string up to pitch! This allows the input jack to be slipped into
place.  The Jack clip will be VERY tight and seem too small, this is

4.  Upon purchase, the pickup element will be sized at 7mm to 8mm in
thickness.  Sizing to fit your bridge can be done in one of two ways:
removing thickness from the actual pickup using a block of wood and a
piece of sand paper or 2) the wing space of the bridge can be
widened using a small file, or removing the bridge and cutting with a saw etc
(luthier recommended).  DO NOT remove wood from the side of the pickup
branded with the RS.  For OPTIMAL SOUND the pickup should remain as large
as possible, however we understand that his is not possible for all double
basses.  TAKE CARE
not to remove wood without checking for a good fit, be
sure to remove wood evenly, a little at a time, keeping the pickup
and the bridge wing slot square and level.  The pickup should be
fit snug and tight, centered in the wing slot for optimal response and tone. 
The pickup should not be thinned to less than 4mm.  If your bridge wing gap is
less than 4mm, bridge modification will be needed.
The pickup can be
mounted in either direction with branded RS side up or down,
preferably in the E string side of the bridge.  This adjustment will change the
response, tone and sound.  If the pickup fit is not tight enough this will
restrain the response and result in a nasal or weak tone, fitting too tight will
result in volume loss and similar tonal effects. 

CAUTION:  Damage caused to the wires during installation will not be
covered by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty; this includes mishandling the
pickup and loosening the wires where they enter the pickup element.  Pickup must
not be thinned to less than 4mm.  If your bridge wing is less than this, you
will need to modify your bridge.

5.  The Jack mounted on the pickup wire simply mounts on the back of
the tailpiece via the nylon clip.

6. Above - the pickup fully installed on the bass.  Keep the wire lead
from 1) touching the top or other areas on the bass 2) pig tailing or twisting
(gentle “S” turn as in picture above left is recommended)  3) when viewed from
the side the wire is a straight path.  If the wires come in contact with the
bass, rattles or buzzing may be heard when amplified.

Copyright 2013 Upton Bass String Instrument Co.